For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to aesthetic products and skin care. I myself have incredibly sensitive skin and have tested many different brands. At first I was attracted by the beautiful designer soaps and packaging in the right color, but I missed more transparency and knowledge about the ingredients used.

I have a background in the design industry and have worked for many years with brand identity, product development and management in Denmark and China.

It was in China that I was introduced to the more holistic approach to life with, among other things, yoga and gua sha massage, which today blends nicely into both my private and working life.

After a break from the design industry, I missed developing products and being creative, but I was also aware that I didn't want to compromise on my values. Good quality and sustainability are Mellow Mind's focal point and the two values ​​I constantly strive to develop and learn from.

So I went to the kitchen to experiment with solid soap for myself which was initially a leisure project. After a long process of recipe development and my uncompromising approach to the selection of raw materials, I cracked the code on the right form. Friends and family subsequently brought home bars of soap in stacks, and suddenly it took off with designer markets and retailers at home and abroad.

I really like the slowness of the process, and sometimes I also pause the development if I don't have the right gut feeling. A good thing is that I have decided not to come out with x number of products per year, work according to collections, or to make products that I myself cannot see the scam in, but which might sell well. In this way, Mellow Mind consists only of the best - in my opinion.

Kind Regards Maria