Sauna: How to care for your hair

Every Tuesday evening I go to saunagus in the local winter swimming club. A wonderful ritual where I enjoy the warmth and the breaths of cedar wood, mint or whatever the day's menu of essential oils says.

The other day a lady asked if she could borrow my conditioner bar before going into the sauna, and that became the inspiration for this article and a lot of hair care and sauna talk in the small office. 

Because how does the sauna's extreme heat affect our hair and scalp? Is sauna healthy for hair? Does the heat dry out the hair? Does it have to be wet before we go in, and can we use the time and the high temperatures for a little hair wellness ritual at the same time?

Read on and learn more about all these questions.

The heat in the sauna not only helps relieve stress and pain, but also improves blood circulation to your scalp and can thereby promote the health of your hair and scalp. 


Saunas generate dry heat, which can have a harmful and drying effect on the hair and scalp if you do not protect it properly. 

I therefore recommend that you moisturize your hair before entering the sauna, and even better add a conditioner. Of course, I use our own conditioner bar from Mellow Mind, which with the nourishing ingredients such as cocoa butter and broccoli seed oil keeps the hair moist, but also works as a hair treatment. The heat makes your conditioner bar extra effective. In the heat, your hair strands open up and are therefore more receptive to the product.


Sauna and sauna gas promote blood flow to the skin's surface and hair follicles. The more blood flow, the better the conditions for a healthy scalp and hair growth. Blood efficiently transports the necessary oxygen and nutrients to all parts of our body, and the same goes for our scalp.

The increased blood flow not only helps your hair grow better. It also effectively protects the hair against damage and breakage that can occur due to pollution, stress or other reasons associated with our hectic lifestyle.



Wet your hair and add plenty of nourishing conditioner before entering the sauna. As mentioned, it works like a hair cure, and the heat makes the product penetrate deeper. Put the hair up in a loose bun so that it does not dry out in the heat.


Take advantage of the time and give yourself some extra well-being by doing a gua sha massage of the scalp with a gua sha comb . The massage stimulates blood circulation and creates balance in the scalp.


Afterwards, wash the hair clean of sweat and excreted waste products with a shampoo bar and finish with a conditioner bar. They are incredibly easy to carry in your bag in a travel container , and you don't have to compromise on the quality of your hair products.


Mellow Minds Hair Serum is added to towel-dried hair. It contains vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid, which restores the moisture balance in the scalp and makes the hair incredibly soft. The final step is a few drops of Mellow Minds Hair Oil with Rosemary to counteract dry ends.

Have fun the next time you go to the sauna - whether it's at the local swimming pool, winter swimming club or bathing establishment.

Kh. Maria