There are many advantages to using a solid shampoo bar from Mellow Mind versus a liquid shampoo. Read this article and find out why.


A solid shampoo bar can be compared to liquid shampoo, but where the liquid is drained from. This means that it is very concentrated, and Mellow Mind shampoo bars correspond to approx. two bottles of liquid shampoo.

A shampoo bar lasts approx. 40-50 hair washes in medium-length hair - all depending on hair length and thickness. My own experience with very long and thick hair is that I can use Mellow Minds shampoo bar 33 times.

I take the environment and climate into account in production, and use carefully selected vegan raw materials that are all free of harmful chemicals, perfumes and silicone.

In addition, I have specifically chosen that all shampoo bars and soaps are only packaged with a paper banderole to avoid unnecessary packaging. The paper is made from 100% recycled fibres, Nordic Ecolabelled and FSC-certified and printed locally in Kolding, where I also produce all products myself.

With a fixed shampoo bar, you avoid having to sort and get rid of plastic bottles when the bar starts to run out. This means that the shampoo bar is a zero waste product, and you thereby avoid unnecessary plastic packaging.


As previously mentioned, Mellow Minds shampoo bars are a solid concentrated form of shampoo. The active ingredients are activated on contact with water, and the bar therefore foams up easily in wet hair.

It does not require any getting used to start using the shampoo bar, as you may know it from a soapy shampoo bar. This is because Mellow Mind's shampoo bars are all made as a sinful shampoo bar that is pH-balanced and adapted to the slightly acidic environment of the scalp with a pH value of 5.5.

With the active and softening ingredients that the bar contains, you will find that the hair can be easily straightened after washing - even without using conditioner.

If you are curious about how I recommend that you wash your hair with the bar, so that you get the most out of it, you can read along by clicking on the link below.


The bar has a size and design which means that it fits well in the hand, and is suitable both for being in the shower niche and for taking with you on the go. The bar will last longer if you let it dry between uses, and I recommend that you store it in a soap dish where the water is drained to avoid the bar from disintegrating or forming bacteria.

In addition, the shampoo bar can also be used for the body, when you need to go a little quickly in the bath. This makes Mellow Mind's shampoo bar an all-in-one bar when traveling and also means that you can keep your consumption and content down with few and effective products in your toiletry bag.

Kh. Maria.